Will Mendes | Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Will Mendes

Hello, there. I’m Will Mendes. I’m a Brazilian Software engineer (or any cool name that you want to call me), current based in Sydney. Google Developer Expert Angular and Web technologies. I published a free e-book "Nodebots: javascript and robotics in the real world" in English and Brazilian Portuguese, which explains several architectural points such as testability, task automation and application evolution in IoT applications. I’ve also contribute in several open source projects such as Webpack, PWMetrics, Oh-My-Zsh, created a number of open source projects using JavaScript, Angular, React, NodeJS, PHP, Python, C#, Serverless Architecture, Docker & others languages and technologies.

I’m currently lending my brain to Domain Group and in my free times I'm speaking and training at various conferences around the world in keynotes, workshops, and sessions for events such as JSConf, QCon, NG-Japan, DevFest Australia, DevFest Siberia and others.

Open Source projects

Update Yeoman Generator

A script to help update repositories using Yeoman generators to the latest version.

Build Checker App

A simple desktop application for check status CI status using Electron JS, ReactJS, SASS and Webpack. For now BuildCheckerApp works with all CI/CD servers that response a CCTray XML file.

Micro Frontend Pages

Docker orchestration with an example of Micro Frontend architecture pages.


CMS to work with staticsite with Jekyll using Angular, NodeJS, Grunt, Jekyll, Github API, Snap-CI, Flickr API, Sinatra and Oauth integration and more to be used for ONG's and/or similar organizations around the world.

UMRUM - Ultimate Magic Realtime User Monitoring

An open source Real User Monitoring built using NodeJS, ReactJS, Redis and Docker.

Keepr: A simple list of Angular components

Angular module with a list of services, directives and filters for begin your application with idea of simplify your bootstrap with Angular.

NGX-Feature Toggle

Your module to handle with feature toggles in Angular applications easier.

Reactor Feature Toggle

Feature toggle components integration for your ReactJS application.

Fire Alarm

A Nodebots fire alarm using NodeJS and Johnny-five, AppVeyor, Travis-CI, Coveralls and testing using MochaJS and SinonJS.

Yeoman Generator Reactor

Yeoman generator for ReactJS - lets you quickly set up a project including karma test runner and Webpack module system. Using NPM Scripts, Karma and WebPack by default.

Offline Model

Making Offline operations easier with VanillaJS


Contact Me

Send me an email or ping me on Twitter. Feel free to contact me also on Github and Linkedin as well if you like to know more about my skills, professional works and other topics.